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7 Royal Families with 6 cards each (42 cards). Game rules inside.
43 cards 65 x 100 mm

Families: Louis XIV of France, Louis XV of France, Philip V, Philip V (children), Charles III, Charles IV, Isabella II.

We learn the members of the Bourbon dynasty from the first Bourbon in France (Henry IV) until the present king Philip VI of Spain in a fun game of 7 families.

6 cards per family (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter or other members). Each family has a name and a color. There is a little comment about the character on each card. 


Every player gets 7 cards. The players try to get the cards they are missing from the other players in order to complete one or more families. A player asks another player for the card he or she wants. if the player obtains the card, he or she can continue to ask for cards until the other player does not have the card asked for.

In that case, the players must pick the card from the top of the deck and pass his turn to the player on his left. To ask for a card from a family, you must have at least one card from that family in your hand. You can ask for cards from one or more than one family to one or more player at a time.

The person who wins is the one who has managed to complete the biggest number of families

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